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Who is conducting the study? How was I selected?

This study is being conducted by a partnership of organizations, in collaboration with Ipsos Research. Your household was selected from a nationwide sample to accurately reflect the national population.

What is the purpose of the study?

The study is being done to capture accurately the opinions and attitudes of the American people about health, technology, and media. Just as there are many different health problems affecting the American people, there are also many different solutions. This study is looking at how people feel about certain health issues. We also want to understand your reactions to health issues that you see in the media, such as on TV, online, and in other places. There are no wrong answers.

Are our answers confidential and private?

All answers are completely confidential and private. Your answers will be combined with many others so that your participation will be effectively anonymous.

How often will we be asked to participate?

The survey will immediately follow the screening for eligible households. If a selected household member completes our first survey, he or she will have the opportunity to do more surveys in the next 3 years, with compensation for participation.

How will this research be used?

Your participation is very important to make sure that all viewpoints and people of all backgrounds are represented, and to help us understand the nation’s health. In addition, researchers will publish the study results in magazines, professional journals, and possibly books.

Will we get anything for our time?

Yes, the eligible household member will receive $10 or more for completion of each survey.

Which company is conducting the study?

Ipsos, a nationally known research firm is administering the study, including collecting data and maintaining contact with participants. You can visit the Ipsos website to learn more (